Change the way concerts are booked.

You are the booking agent. Concert-hungry showgoers pull together funds to entice performers to play in their city.

Showgoers, are you tried of your favorite performer always skipping your city when they're on the road? Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to draw those performers closer to you when they're booking shows?

Performers, we know booking a show is tough. A majority of the battle is working with the venue or promoter convincing them your presence will sell tickets. When it comes to shows on the road, this can be especially tough. Are your fan base projections accurate? Will anyone show up? Can you guarantee the promoter an accurate head count?

At Roadpony, we want to alleviate the stress of unknown attendance for performers and want to give the fans a little more pull when it comes to seeing their favorite performers in a town near them. It's a place for those performers and fans to connect and communicate.

How it works



If a performer posts a show near you, you can bid on your city to entice the performer to play in that area. If your city is not posted by the performer, you can request the performer in a specific city, state, and venue.


Once the performer books their route, if your area is on the list, you will receive the perk set by the band that you've contributed to. Check out the performer's campaign to see what kind of goodies you can receive based on your bid amount.


When the time comes, you and all other bidders can attend the show. No more missing out or exhausting drives to see the performers you love.


Once you bring one performer to town we're sure you're going to keep in touch with other great performers. It's concertgoing on demand!



Post either a general route or sign up for a profile to see what fans would like to see you in a city near them. If you have not decided on a route, you can keep track of requests via your profile to see where you're most demanded.


Once you have an idea for a general route, build a campaign with all cities you're willing to perform in. Decide what cities are viable stops by seeing how many fans are interested via bids placed on their city. Create a perks list to entice fans to bid higher.


When the route is confirmed and all shows are booked, you receive the bid money placed by the fans. It's a guaranteed income and crowd!


Hit the road with money in your pocket to fund your travels and know that each show is going to have invested fans waiting to watch you perform.