Your favorite performers in your hometown

RoadPony is a new way to support musicians by crowdsourcing concerts.

We enable fans to collectively encourage artists to book performances near a specified location. We offer tools and resources for performers to better understand those audiences.

Performers get to play more shows with engaged audiences and fans get a chance to influence where the performers play. Everyone wins!

How It Works

It's simple. You advocate for your favorite band to play in your town. The artist can see how many people are interested in seeing their show.
Pull the town together, you've got a show to fund.



Request a performer

Find your favorite performer on RoadPony. Send a request to the performer with your city, state, and venue as a performance destination.


Crowd Source Interest

Fans collectively show interest through requests, favorites or pre-purchasing campaign tier items, including access to the show. This increases the chances of the performer booking a show near your location.


Enjoy the show

Destinations with the highest bids entice performers to play in a specific location. If the destination is confirmed, supporters receive perks for each show they help crowd fund.



Artist Tools

Use RoadPony to pre-sell access to your shows and to gauge interest regarding which cities are have the highest concentration of fans. This helps you route a tour with venues/cities you'd like to play.


Build Interest

Engage with super-fans using a grassroots marketing plan for your project. RoadPony also will advocate for your project and will help drive interest.


Hit the road

With RoadPony, you'll see what cities want you to see you perform the most. Each bid is guaranteed payment and a guaranteed attendee!

For more information on how RoadPony works, visit the About page.

Guaranteed income and audience for performers. Guaranteed good times for fans.


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